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About Us

Yashena Textile Accessories was created from our pride in Namibia and our love for African textiles. The Kente from Ghana and Dashiki from Nigeria/West Africa have made their mark not only on the continent but the world. They have been re-purposed from traditional attires to modern clothing and accessories, while still respecting their cultural roots. We want the same for Namibian textiles, specifically the Oshiwambo Odelela/Ondelela materials, which are already starting to make their mark on the continent thanks to so many of our Namibian creative designers and fashion personnel. Yashena comes from Oshiwambo “ongala ya shena” which means “a flower that is blossoming”, which is how we see our textile industry which is starting to flourish in the fashion industry and on the continent. We have focused only on accessories to show that there are so many ways to incorporate Oshiwambo textiles in your everyday, professional and formal wear. While most traditional Oshiwambo accessories involve leather, copper and beads, we have centred our accessories on the textile itself.”

One aspect of this journey that we truly enjoy are the opportunities to collaborate with so many inspiring and talented Namibians. Photos from our collection catalogs by Tara Mette Phtoography. Logo and designs by Jonathan (Jonny) Field.